My Perfect Beachfront Heaven

My Perfect Beachfront Heaven

There comes a time in life when you are fed up of almost everything. The same routine of waking up early. Getting ready for the office, dropping kids to the school and then spend the whole day managing business and at the end of the day you realize that you may have accomplished alot or nothing at all. So you just feel like running away to a perfect island with exotic beaches where you dont do anything all day except sitting on the beach and having that perfect bloody mary or margarita that you desire.

Last year i was going through the same phase, just call it my mid life crisis. I talked to my wife and kids and took a perfect summer vacation trip to Bali which however was not our first preference but we are glad that we went there. The life here is a perfect mixture of everything. A lot of tourism, a lot of luxury, perfectly balanced culture and most of all a lot of opportunities. I have accomplished a lot in my life and i always evaluate things from business and personal perception.

On my trip I met a lot of foreigners through out the world who have now settled in Bali. The major focus on the business is current villas development in Bali. People prefer living in private villas here as compared to the famous resorts or hotels. They are a major source of investment in Bali as well with good promising returns. So i talked to my wife and we both agreed on doing a little research and our research led us to Kibarer property.

The company is one of the largest real estate in Bali. Very diversified and professional staff with their own legal team. They explained the process thoroughly, showed us the beachfront properties in Bali with regards to retirement and rental purpose. Their website is very impressive and they have now introduced a live chat options as well which has been a very helpful tool for me to keep in touch with them regularly and immediate response to queries. I have now found my perfect beachfront villa in Bali for which i am visiting Bali next month to finalise the deal. So if you are looking to buy a villa in bali or make an investment in Bali. I strongly recommend A must visit.

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