My Villa Venture in Bali

My Villa Venture in Bali

It has been years since me and my family has been exploring different part of world which offers exotic beaches, peace of mind and luxury at the same time. Being an Australian I know the feeling of being an outlander as compared to the rest of the world when it comes to the weather. I mean we literally go in the opposite directions with the worlds. So when my son asked us why it never snows in December or why there are no summers in July? It got us thinking to buy a vacation home where we can feel, live the normality as people in the other part of the world.

Having visited different Islands we always had a knack for Bali. I mean the place is simply beautiful, over the years yes it has become crowded but let’s we humans have inherited some habits of small luxuries which we cannot live without so yes we do not mind a mixture of luxury, peace and beauty at the same time. So we agreed on buying a villa in Bali, she though had some reservations against it because of few bad experiences we had with the locals however buying a real estate in Bali was the only thing that made sense.

So we started our villa hunt which turned out to be more painful in the start then we anticipated. I mean there were documentations issues, legal issues and most of it finding a good real estate company who was actually willing to help us through the process not just to sell us a villa. We tried many agencies, got stood up at various occasions even after setting up an appointment. Our requirements were hardly understood and a lot of our time was wasted in showing villas which were not even close to our requirements. We were about to give up as we already paid 3 visits for this hunt we were referred to Kibarer Property, Alban & his team were Godsend as the level of professionalism and helping approach was something which didn’t experience at all in Bali. They found us exactly what we were looking for in less than a week and helped us throughout the process to close the deal within in 30 days. I and my family are so looking forward to enjoy our first ever winters in December this year.


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