Mythical, Mystical, My Bali

Mythical, Mystical, My Bali

Being a middle eastern expat, I was tired of spending my vacations in the famous vacation wonderous tourist spot like Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi etc. Yes they are islands but they do not fulfill the need for the nature which is missing. I have been to Malaysia, Maldives as well but this time I was looking for something different, something which offers a perfect blend of everything.

So yeah I ended up landing in Bali, Yes this place deserves to be called the Island of Gods. I have never in my life seen such a perfect combination of modern western culture with pure traditional influence. It offers you everything, you love hikes? You have mountains, you love party life, well there you go Kutta and Seminyak are your places to go but do you want to move here? For me it’s a defnite yes now. Bali has been a lot more than I expected, stunningly beautiful constructions of Villas, great development, perfect heaven it is.

I work as a freelance so moving from one country to another is not a problem for me. After seeing the villas in bali, the investment in Bali, I was almost convinced to move here and it was sealed after I randomly entered the office of Kibarer Property just to get some information about how to apply for a visa in Bali.

They were extremely helpful, they explained the process of expats in Bali, even how t invest in Bali and get your villa in Bali in so much detail. That I extended my visa and scheduled appointments just to view the villas in Bali to get the price and location idea.

To summarize, this place is beautiful, its economical, its great for investment, it’s my new home J. So for those who are interested to buy a villa in Bali or looking for investment in Bali do give a shoutout to, they were pretty helpful to me.

Written by : Christina


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