Precious Good Old Bali

Precious Good Old Bali

There was a time when me & my wife were young and we used to explore new ventures, places and tourists spots every year on vacation and then life happened, we grew old. So eventually the vacation trips stopped, we had kids so we got busy in the life like everybody else and we forgot who we were. So when our kids moved out, got married and did make us proud we realized that now what? We looked backed and realized what we have missed over the years.

Bali wasn’t a place to be when we used to be young, it was yes a beautiful island with a lot of culture but back then we wanted thrill, adventure and crazy night life on the vacations at the same time. So now we realized Bali is one of those places which one should at least visit once in a life time. Even though we are old by age but we are still young at heart so yes we wanted some place beautiful, cultural and modern.

So we started researching over the internet & yes there mixed reviews about the place about the accomodations and hotels with a lot of frauds going alone. So for beginners we didn’t want to take a risk so contacted our friend for help and he recommended us a page called Villa Bali Rental which is actually run by, one of the most famous real estate company in Bali. They were really really kind, professional and very helpful for us beginners.

Their arrangements were really goods, comfy villa in Bali, ideal staff and perfect sight seeing schedule at our convenience not as what you know other tourism company forces on you. We met the owner as well very friendly for a french guy, he also explained us the current developments of villas in Bali, investment in Bali and how property works in Bali since we told him that we are looking for something as a retirement prospect.

To sum it up, this place deserved to be called the Island of Gods because it has everything the Gods would want us to have. Perfect scenery, culture and the villas in Bali are simply amazing. We are now considering to buy one because after studying the market we realized that investment in Bali is a big safe bet at the moment. You should consider as well.

Written by : Christina

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