Seminyak – My kind of heaven

Seminyak – My kind of heaven

As we all know Bali is the Island of Gods however there is always one place in such heaven which takes the cake and for me Seminyak it is. Not long ago when everybody loved Kuta, which is now a tourist trash. Fully crowded and not an ideal place to enjoy your vacation.

I was looking to move in Bali permanently but for that I needed to buy myself a place first. I am a blogger with my own online works so I wanted a peaceful yet accessible place. Bali is comparatively very affordable as compared to where I am from. So I started my search and explored the beautiful villas of Bali. However as much as I loved the villas I just couldn’t figure out the ideal place because either it was too isolated or it was too crowded.

So one day I decided to give a realtor a shot and it won’t be wrong to say that the Gods of the Island loved me so much that they introduced me to one of the representative of What great about them was that they explained to me in detail how buying property in Bali or a villa in Bali works. What would be my visa requirements and all that legal abc which I am sure I would have never been able to fulfill if they were there to help me with a legal team.

So when I explained them my requirements, my background they started showing me villas in Seminyak, which I was surprised to see because it had everything that I wanted. International resorts, clubs, bars, shopping malls, market, close to the beach and yet not very crowded.

So I bought my villa in Bali and with the advice given to me by Kibarer Property’s team, it’s a source of investment in Bali as well because it’s a complex which a part of it I rent out and thanks to the tropical weather. My villa in Bali is occupied almost throughout the month.

Great place, great options and an ideal place to live peacefully.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Christina, sounds awesome and glad it’s all working out for you, we have looked at property in Puget however the Russians are taking over and making it hard. As a matter of interest how much did you pay and are you able to send a pic please. Thank you Michelle Mott.

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