Tour De Bali

Tour De Bali

I & my wife always plan a vacation in summers as we love to travel and explore however we always have a difficulty in choosing the location because she is more towards the beaches, malls and surfing whereas I am an explorer who loves mountains, long hikes, lush greenery and snow peaks. So as always we were arguing and exploring our options for the vacation spots and we weren’t coming to a conclusion until one of our friends suggested Bali.

Since Bali is few of the vacation spots in the world which offers a complete package for us, my wife can visit all the luxurious shopping malls, white sandy beaches or surfing with the dolphins while I can go out on the strolls in the lush greenery of Ubud, Ungasan or hikes to the Mount Agung. So as soon as we landed we were kind of disappointed with the traffic jams and constructions plus floods of tourists everywhere. We kind of thought that we are not going to enjoy this vacation as it seems so crowdy.

However our arrangements were made through a page on we recently found on facebook named Villa Monthly Rent Bali and I was already preparing myself to get into an argument with them as they promised us that they understood our requirements but as soon as we reached our villa in Bali. It was simply perfect, the arrangements, the location and the staff was extremely professional and helpful. So to cut the story short, my trips to the waterfalls, mount agung and some other beautiful isolated places were arranged and my wife enjoyed her shoppings, surfing and sun bathing.

I also had a chance to meet the owner of the company through which we booked our villa, the owner turned out to be a foreigner himself and runs a very famous real estate company in Bali known as . We had long discussion and he was very helpful. I also noticed there massive developments of private villas in Bali as it was like there is no option better in than to invest in Bali so upon asking Alban the owner of Kibarer property explained to me how things are changing here and how government is now focusing more towards the development in Bali. So all this talk got me thinking of buying my own villa in Bali which I will probably start exploring on my next trip. So if you are looking to invest, Bali is the place and Kibarer Property is highly recommended


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