Very Bad Experience with a 4 star Hotel in Bali

Very Bad Experience with a 4 star Hotel in Bali

So I came back to Bali on my 6th visit and convinced my immediate family and extended family to join me to the Island of Gods. This time I decided to be bold and adventurous and went for a known 4 star hotel in Bali and booked 4 rooms for my 10 days vacations with a large group of family. I have been staying in private villas before.

As soon as we reached the hotel and entered our rooms found them dirty and called room service. Then we found out that the toilets which were already dirty but had another surprise of not getting flushed. Again called the room service and they told us to wait for three hours with no option of changing the room and it was just the beginning.

For the next two days we went through unimaginable torture. There were a lot of bed bugs and they did a pretty good graffiti work on my back and my sister’s back who was in another room. There was no hot water and got scolded by the waiter upon requesting. My auntie and uncle lost a necklace and two pairs of jeans and when we filed a complaint the reception refused
to take any ownership. 3rd day when I was told that I have been charged for 8000 rupiah for a phone call that I never made from my room since I used to go out at 9 in the morning and come back around 11 in the night. We decided to checkout, the staff showed no courtesy and even refused to take our luggage.

So we contacted the villas nearby and they were all booked due to the full season. I gave a call to my friend who owns a villa in Bali. His villa was already booked but he gave us the number of Alban, Alban owns Kibarer Property a known real estate in Bali but he doesn’t deal in villa rentals only sale & purchase. He was very kind and personally came to see us and arranged a villa through his contacts which cost almost as much as the 4 rooms we paid for but was way better and had the best staff. He even apologized on the inconvenience which was caused to us. Lesson learned was not to recommend Bali to your family or friends but there are good people like Alban as well who show up from nowhere. I am planning to buy my own villa and definitely going to do it
through Alban.



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  1. More money than sense after 6 trips to Bali he had not learnt much.