Viva La Bali

Viva La Bali

Like every year my family forced me to go to Bali, this is like a tradition now. For over a decade we have been visiting Bali and still they can not get enough of it. I can now literally draw a map of Bali on a paper street wise and trust me you will find it correct or that’s what I thought so. So like year I whined a lot, tried making work excuses just to not to go to Bali but my wife knew everything so she used her veto and well rest you can imagine.

So we landed in Bali, same traffic, same tourists but something was very different this year. But what was that? I was a little curious because I couldn’t figure out what felt different this time. So I kept thinking on my way to the hotel but well it wasn’t a hotel either. It was a villa and trust me it was like those beachfront villas in Bali which you only see in movies. Now I was literally concerned about how much my wife is spending this time but when I inquired the rates they were pretty reasonable. So coming back to the difference, it was actually the development which included villas in Bali, Hotels, restaurants and shops. Seemed like every investor in the world stepped into making an investment in Bali this year.

So out of curiousity I asked my wife that since we visit Bali every year are you interested in buying a villa in Bali? She smiled and said this is why we are here this time honey!. I was a little surprised but not offended since my wife is an investment banker. Seemed like she had the whole visit planned, she was already in touch wih a great professional company known as Very professional people, they had everything arrange before our arrival. So we visited and viewed a lot of villas in Bali and well finally we found what my wife was looking for. So to cut the story short, it seems like I am going to spend my retirement life in Bali now ;). It doesn’t sound that bad at all after all :D.

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