Why Bali

Why Bali

We bought our villa in Bali last year near Canggu area through Kibarer Property. Since then almost everyone that we know and who knows that we have bought a property in Bali keep questioning us the same thing “ WHY BALI”. My wife however doesn’t feel obliged in answering them politely and gets away with because we wanted to, me on the other hand is the decent other half so this post is for everyone who knows us.

Yes Bali has been commercialized over the recent years, Yes it is not the same Island of the Gods as it used to but may be you are not exploring it the way it should be explored. And please stop complaining about the crime rate and the lack of maintainance. Crimes happen everywhere and yes it is a third world country you can not expect them to have the highest standards of maintainance over here.

So if you visit Bali and focus on the areas like Seminyak, Kuta, Batu Belig then yes you have all the rights to complain about Bali losing its charm because these areas have been exploited by the tourists themselves who focus on partying and littering rather than exploring the serenity and culture.

There are other areas of Bali which you will simply fall in love with for example the bike rides, the greenery, the ricefields in Ubud area simply take your breath away. The ketewel beach is one of the most beautiful beach to take long strolls on. The Padang bai fishing village is full of Balinese culture and a quiet place to enjoy the beauty of the Island. Hikes to Mount Agung and Batur will simply take your breath away. The snorkling and surfing will take you to another world.

It’s weird how people can simply pin point the flaws in a simple place like these flaws are not present in their country or home town. Bali still has a lower crime rate than most developed first world countries. People here charge tourists more because they don’t have much opportunities and I don’t see how that is different from most governments overcharging through the taxes. People here are nice a lot of foreigners are indeed moving here. Working here establishing their own business. We bought our villa through Alban, who is a foreigner in Bali but runs his own real estate company called Villabalisale.com in Bali and is no doubt best there.

In short it easy to assume and point flaws but there is more to Bali then what you see and read on the internet.

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