Why not Bali as Permanent Residence for a Foreigner

Why not Bali as Permanent Residence for a Foreigner

Being a world traveller people around me look up to me whenever they are planning to make a vacation trip or when they have a mindset for investing for vacation home. However there has been a recent rising trend in Australia for investing in vacation villas in Bali.

So whenever they ask me I am reluctant to give them the actual picture of Bali but on the other hand I feel responsible to give an honest advice.

Bali is not the Island of Gods as you may have heard about it. It was probably a decade ago however the poor governance and lack of focus towards facilitating the island for tourists is damaging Bali by every passing moment. There are few things which you should know before making up your mind for buying a property in Bali.

The local population is increasing and in 2013 it has matched the actual number of annual tourism of 3.2 million. It is due to the migration of people from other provinces who have badly affected the reputation of the local Balinese people. A young man died of electrocution as he touched an advertisement sign by accident. Another man died because of methanol poisoning as he had a large number of Arak cocktails. Recent reports indicate an increase in organized crime.

Bali is running out of fresh & clean drinking water as government didn’t have any contingency plan for making a reservoir. You will experience the worst traffic in almost all areas of Bali including, Sanur, Jimbaran, Kuta and Legian. Tourists cannot take a peaceful walk without being harassed by the motorcyclists and jeepers on the road.I could go on but still it is not too late I hope government is taking steps to fix these things.

However if you are still looking forward to invest in Bali, I highly recommend Kibarer Property. I ran into them when a friend wanted to buy a villa and they were very professional and helpful which is very highly unlikely as you won’t see that much professionalism in Bali when it comes to the business.

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  1. Tom Jarvis says:

    Rather a bleak perspective on Bali in my view. I find the idea that non-Balinese Indonesians are causing problems and tainting the reputation of locals a little bit unhelpful and mostly untrue. For every bad apple from Java or ENT there are ten good ones, they contribute greatly to the diversity of the island, nevermind the workforce (ever tried to run an office with all Balinese staff on Galungan?). And I have encountered as many dishonest or unfriendly Balinese as I have non-Balinese Indonesians. That is to say, not many at all compared to other parts of the world. Yes, there has been and will be mismanagement of development at all levels. But to suggest that Bali is not safe or an unpleasant place to visit or live in is a little bit overkill, don’t you think? I could just as easily point to the number of foreigners causing road accidents and behaving with little regard for local residents in highlighting the negative changes to Bali over the years. Don’t tell anyone, but the traffic in Sanur is not bad at all, and there are pavements to separate traffic from pedestrians. I admit it may be too late for Kuta, but what can you do? For some people, that is Bali and they like it. What’s a jeeper anyway?