November 5, 2012

Doubts about the Ceasing Cold War between Bali Governor and Vice Governor?

A number of people and communities suspect that “cold war” has occurred between Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika with Vice Governor AA Ngurah Puspayoga. The indication of the cold war, – Read More...
February 4, 2013

Will Bali Have a New Airport?

Some parties representing Balinese exclaimed desire to have a new airport in the area with aim to improve its economics matters. After Bali Province government exposed issue to construct a – Read More...
February 4, 2013

New Airport to Establish at Kubutambahan

SINGARAJA Location of new airport construction at North Bali is appointed at Kubutambahan, Buleleng regency due to the result of proper test done by the Transportation Ministry. “Out of three – Read More...
February 11, 2013

No More Child Marriage

The fate of a fourteen years old Balinese girl, NJA, is so tragic. The girl who is from Bangli was deceived by Wayan Cidra (40) so they were involved in – Read More...
March 25, 2013

When Housewives Scream for Garlic

Shallots and garlic have been the main ingredients for many of Indonesian cuisines. Almost every dish is served with these famous herbs to enrich the flavor of almost every Indonesian – Read More...

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