Ade Rai

Ade Rai

Ade Rai
Indonesia’s top bodybuilder, native Balinese Ade Rai, a major force on the international circuit, was in Bali recently to pose at a competition here. The 36-year-old Jakarta-based athlete spoke to Bali Times contributor Bagus Ferriyanto.

Is it more difficult for Asians to build muscle mass than Westerners?
There’s no big difference, really, but the Asian bodybuilder actually has more potential as they have smaller bones and can develop their muscles more than Westerners.

What got you interested in bodybuilding?
Well, I realized I had the talent for it – and potential. I’ve a very positive thing to do.

Is it natural for humans to be that big, to have such large muscles?
For me it’s more about the demands of my profession. It’s fine – and it’s better to develop muscles than stockpile fat.

What are the main things you have to do to build – and maintain – muscle mass?
You have to consume enough protein, and exercise and have a healthy diet.

So what’s your typical diet?
It contains complete nutrition, carbohydrates and protein.

And what kind of foods can you not eat?
It’s not about what food you can’t eat; it’s more about the type of foods you eat and in what way.

Do you use food supplements to bulk up your muscles?
Sure! One example is my own RAI Nutrition.

Are you proud of your body, and how you have developed it?
Of course. It shows that I have a healthy lifestyle, get enough rest, eat nutritious foods and exercise.

Some people, though, don’t like the image of the bodybuilder.
I think that’s because of a lack of information.

How big is the bodybuilding scene in Indonesia?
During the past 10 years it’s been growing and there’s been a stronger awareness of it, and about the healthy lifestyle surrounding bodybuilding. More money is coming into bodybuilding and more and more fitness centers are opening around the country.

How do you attain your body color – do you use creams or sunbeds?
I use both. A good tan is great as it shows your muscle and skin clearly.

Who are your idols in the bodybuilding world?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he had a great body shape. I’m not too impressed with other bodybuilders.

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