Interview – Phil Kafcaloudes

Interview – Phil Kafcaloudes

Phil Kafcaloudes
Phil Kafcaloudes from Melbourne, Australia, co-presents Radio Australia’s Breakfast Club; during the Kuta Karnival in September he broadcast the show from Bali, where The Bali Times met up with the 46-year-old of Greek lineage.

Why is Radio Australia taking part in Kuta Karnival?

We wanted to be a part of it and to meet our listeners in Bali. Bali is a very important island for us.

What’s your impression of the karnival thus far?

Well, I just arrived last night and this morning we came to Paradise FM to do the show; so there’s been no time to get out and about yet, but we will.

How did your first broadcast go?

It was great; I really enjoyed it. Everyone was so very helpful. Even though we speak different languages, we can still use body language to communicate, so it doesn’t matter.

Much reaction from listeners to the show?

Yes, a lot. There were a lot of calls coming in, mostly from Balinese, who make up the bulk of our listeners, and also from some expats.

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