Interview – Shauna Singh Baldwin

Interview – Shauna Singh Baldwin

Shauna Singh Baldwin
Award-winning Canadian author Shauna Singh Baldwin attended the recent Ubud Writers & Readers Festival on her first trip to Bali and later read from her second book, The Tiger Claw, at Udayana University in Denpasar, where the India-raised and now US-based 44-year-old spoke to The Bali Times

Like Bali?

Bali is wonderful – very impressive. The people are so friendly and helpful.

How was the festival?

It was great – one of the most interesting annual events to be held in Bali. I’m very grateful to the organizers for inviting me, and I hope the festival runs and runs. We had a lot of Q&A with participants and it was nice because they were really interested in my books.

Similarities between Hinduism here and the culture and that in India?

Yes. Here and in India there’s the Ramayana – the only difference is in its interpretation.

Ever suffer from writer’s block?

No, once I start there’s no problem.

Tips for aspiring writers?

Write about what’s on your mind – don’t get all confused and worked up about what to write; just do it. It doesn’t matter what kind of story you want to write because your experience will lead you (BT/IP)

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