Vox – Michael Hermawan

Vox – Michael Hermawan


Name : Michael Hermawan
Age : 25
Occupation : Graphic design student
From : Jakarta
Marital status: Single

What can be done to improve Bali’s image?

Advertise its artistic heritage – it’s paintings, dance, wood carvings, stone carvings) – like our neighbors Malaysia and Singapore do. It’s an effective way to get more tourists to come. Apart from that, security must always be a priority – that’s most important.

Are you satisfied with the current level of security?

In Jakarta, no, but in Bali, yes – I feel security in Bali is very tight when I compare it to Jakarta. Bali is safer, and the Balinese are friendly and helpful.

Is the central government doing enough to improve Indonesia?

No, they’re not. As far as I can see, there have been no improvements from the government, and none of their promises have been realized.

What are the challenges that lie ahead?

I think crime is a big one, because as the cost of living continues to rise – with higher prices for petrol and food – more companies will go bankrupt and more people will be out of work and desperate.

Where’s the hottest spot in Bali right now?

Anywhere there’s a beach! You can just chill out and enjoy what’s going on around you. Kuta is a good place to have fun – there are so many restaurants and clubs. Ubud is a good place to relax and be inspired. (BT/AS)

FOTO CREDIT: The Bali Times/Arga Sagitarini

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