‘Honest’ Canteen to Reopen

‘Honest’ Canteen to Reopen

DENPASAR ~ Bali Attorney General’s Office announced plans this week to reopen an “honest” canteen at Denpasar high school SMAN 2, to teach students about the importance of integrity, an official said.

According to public prosecutor Cok Susila, the canteen where students pay and take their own change closed in December 2008 due to lack of finances, but they were willing to try again.

“Even though we lost money the last time we tried this, we have not been disheartened. This is an effective way to teach honesty to students and avoid corruption in the future,” Susila said.

He said it was easy to tell if students were honest or not, as money paid by honest students would be used to buy stock for the canteen; if there was no money, there would be no more stock.

The deputy head of youth association Karang Taruna Bali, Wayan Suartana, said he was surprised the canteen had to be closed previously, but was glad the organizers were reopening it.

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