‘Where the Bali Hell Are You?’ Asks New Ad Campaign

‘Where the Bali Hell Are You?’ Asks New Ad Campaign

DENPASAR ~ A group of Bali tourism-related firms have created their own ad campaign due to frustration with what they perceive as the ongoing inability of the Indonesian and Australian industry players to finalize a Bali revival plan.

The fledgling Little Bali Hotel & Resort Company (LBJRC) enlisted the help of two former Australia-based Garuda Indonesia colleagues to help launch their own Bali awareness initiative in Australia.

The first stage in the campaign is a cheeky, “Where the Bali hell are you” video clip that can be viewed at www.wherethebalihellareyou.com. The second stage comprises heavily discounted LBHRC-member accommodation, to begin next week.

The clip was shot on location in Bali and claims that while business from Australia is still down, the rest of the world has begun to flock back to Bali.

Brett Morgan, LBHRC co-founder, said Australians had become more noticeable in Bali because of their absence.

“The Bali travel market from Australia still, potentially, represents the destination’s biggest source market and revenue,” he said.

“There’s much talk of Indonesian government and Australian private sector funding being combined with Australian travel industry support and know-how to help rekindle interest in the destination – but nothing seems to be happening.

“LBHRC has been specifically created to address that situation for the smaller operators, the people responsible for Bali’s bread and butter business, and as a result, help to get Bali’s tourism infrastructure back on track again.

“What we are trying to achieve with the campaign is to underline just exactly what the Australian tourists are missing. Nothing seems to be stopping the Europeans and the north Asians, who are lapping up all the bargains this destination has to offer.

“It’s the same story in the US, where Bali is very top of mind, having just been voted World’s Best Island by Travel + Leisure magazine.”

Commenting on the similarities between their campaign and the recent controversial “Where the bloody hell are you?” Australian tourism campaign, Morgan said, “Some might say we’ve taken a bit of a lend of a similar, multimillion-dollar international tourism marketing campaign that recently did the rounds.

“But that’s not the case. Our campaign cost millions of rupiah – not dollars – and is intended to reignite interest in the destination and give people a laugh at the same time – anyone who has even been to Bali will know exactly what we’re doing here,” he said.

Firms that fall under LBHRC membership are the Baleka Beach Resort, Bali Ayu Hotel & Villas, Bali Garden Hotel, Puri Etnik Hotel, Samsara Hotel & Spa, Su’s Prince Cottages and Villa Coco.

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