Animal Smuggling to Bali Continue to Happen

Animal Smuggling to Bali Continue to Happen


The smuggling of animals without legal documents to Bali continues to occur, although officers often managed to foil it.

The last one, police officer in Gilimanuk Sea port of exit or entry way to Bali, Friday morning, securing eight race dogs and cats that smuggled through a night bus.

“Dogs and cats found in the trunk of a night bus, from Surabaya-Denpasar,” said police chief of Gilimanuk Sea Regions, Commissioner Nyoman Wirya Sucipta

According to him, according to LW, the bus driver, these animals will be unloaded at the terminal Ubung, Denpasar, to be transferred to someone named Yudan.  Some pitbull, helder, maltis and the angora cat, were submitted to the Animal Quarantine Hall in Gilimanuk.

In addition to dogs and cats, smugglers often try to smuggle different types of birds to Bali, which is banned since the outbreak of the bird flu virus a few years ago.

The mode of smuggling nearly the same, such as putting them in the Inter-City Inter Province bus, or hide it in pickup vehicles and trucks, with the top covered with a various merchandise, to fool officers.

Typically, quarantine officers destroy the confiscated animals, to prevent the entry of harmful viruses to Bali.

Previously, officers at the Gilimanuk Marine Area Police promised that they will conduct legal proceeding against AS, the owner of hundreds of birds who were caught while smuggling those birds to Bali some time ago.

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