City Traffic Up 17%

City Traffic Up 17%


CITY traffic volumes have risen by 17.20 percent over the past five years, worsening congestion and putting additional strain on inadequate roads, the Denpasar city government says.

Extra heavy vehicle traffic is chiefly to blame, according to city spokesman Made Erwin Suryadarma. He said last weekend the heaviest congestion was on three arterial roads – Jl Teuku Umar, Jl Diponegoro and Jl Wahidin – north to Jl Gajah Mada.

By 2009, 462.7 kilometres of roads were paved within the city boundaries, including minor roads leading to banjars (precincts) off main streets. In 2005 only 379.7 kilometres of roads were paved.

Sewerage works – to be expanded this year causing temporary additional traffic congestion – are being stepped up to reduce flooding on roadways.

Police Get SM Alert Service


POLICE in Bali now have an SMS service (send to 1120) to received reports and complaints from the public and to speed up response. Messages will be passed on to the nearest police station for action. Police Chief Sutisna, who launched the new service, said it would the public and police to work together for a safer Bali.

Twenty-seven police operators have been trained to run the SMS system.

Beach Rape: Four Youths Held


FOUR Karangasem youths, including a 17-year-old said to have been the victim’s boyfriend, are being held by police charged with raping a 16-year-old girl on the beach near Bunutan, south of Amed.

Police said this week a fifth suspect, a 23-year-old man, had been released because there was insufficient evidence to continue investigating his actions.

The girl’s boyfriend had picked her up at her home last Friday and they went to the beach, where shortly afterwards the other youths arrived. It is alleged they then had sex with the girl, holding her down as she was struggling.

Police say the girl and her parents now fear she may be pregnant.

Rates Ruin Rice Crops


RATS are reported to have caused the worst damage to Jembrana rice crops in five years with 20 hectares of rice destroyed in the 128-hectare Pangyangan subak (irrigation) area.

Local farmers have called on regency authorities to provide extra rat poison to combat the problem, saying so far the government has done nothing and they have used all their own supplies.

Bike ‘No’ a Deadly Disappointment


DISAPPOINTMENT over his father’s decision not to buy him a motorbike has been blamed for the suicide of an 18-year-old youth from Kintamani Songan last weekend.

Police said the youth drank poison in front of his father, had a seizure and died soon after.

They said there were no suspicious circumstances.

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