Badung Legislator Launches Drive to Save Environment

Badung Legislator Launches Drive to Save Environment


The Chairman of the Badung Legislative Council in Bali, I Wayan Puspa Negara has proposed an initiative to save the environment by issuing local regulations.

“Environmental concerns, especially pollution and the destruction of the environment have always been an important issue during any development process in almost all regions of Indonesia that need to be rescued as soon as possible. This is to ensure that the country’s environment is not damaged in the future,” he said in Mangupura on Tuesday.

Wayan stated that the Badung district had a large and dense population, and was grappling with complex environmental issues, such as natural resource degradation, pollution, natural disasters, and coastal issues.

These increasingly complex problems are a result of an unprofessional development plan based on economic and ecological interests.

The problems have accumulated over the last decade due to several environmental crises. “In the end, the cost to repair the environmental damage is much more than the economic benefits that have been generated,” he pointed out.

Wayan further said that based on Law No.32 of 2009, which is related to the protection and management of the environment, the local government possessed the authority within the framework of environmental protection and management to restructure and enforce environmental law.

Referring to law enforcement is to grant the local government with the authority to carry out law enforcement, namely a series of preventive actions or activities to prevent pollution or damage to the environment through development, prevention and control.

Therefore through the Legislative Council’s initiative, the Badung district is considering the establishment of regulations governing environmental protection and management in accordance with the problems faced in the area.

Meanwhile, the Badung District Head Anak Agung Gde Agung welcomed the initiative aimed at formulating a local regulation plan.

“I hope the meeting on the local environment regulation can be reviewed immediately and imposed immediately,” he said.

He said he also hoped that the regulations will be useful for managing the environment in the richest district on the island of Bali.

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