Body Found in Front of Klungkung Temple

Body Found in Front of Klungkung Temple

SEMARAPURA ~ The finding of the body of a man in front of Pande Temple, Semarapura, Klungkung, this week caused concern among Klungkung citizens, police said.

During a police investigation, the man’s identity card was found in his pocket, identifying him as I Gede Wardana, 56, a citizen of South Jakarta.

The man is said to have just got off the bus on the way to his hometown, to attend a ceremony in one of the temples in his village. When he was found, he was fully dressed and had a bag hanging on his shoulder. A source at Klungkung Hospital said the man was born in Sampalan Kelod village, but had been working in Jakarta for a long time.

Police brought his body to Klungkung Hospital, where the medical team said Wardana died several minutes before being found by local residents.

They declared his cause of death as a sudden heart attack, and said, “Perhaps his condition was worsened from fatigue after long journey from Jakarta to Bali.”

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