District in Bali Anticipates ISIS Infiltration

District in Bali Anticipates ISIS Infiltration


The Karangasem district government in the island resort of Bali has collaborated with all organizations and religious institutions to anticipate the infiltration of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ideology, noted an official.

“To anticipate possible infiltration of the ISIS ideology, we are strengthening communication with all organizations and religious institutions here,” Karangasem district government spokesman I. Putu Arawa stated on Tuesday.

He also called on all public elements in the district to jointly counter the movement of ISIS in Indonesia, particularly in Karangasem district.

Arawa noted that all religious organizations and public elements in the district have signed a joint statement to reject the presence of the ISIS radical movement in the district and the country.

Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) Retired Inspector General Ansyaad Mbai called on all elements of the nation to be alert regarding the presence of the organization that embraces a radical ideology.

“There is no nation, religion, or community that requires the presence of ISIS,” Ansyaad Mbai affirmed in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, on Monday.

He remarked that ISIS has the potential to grow its terrorist base in certain pockets in Indonesia.

Therefore, the BNPT has urged community organizations, scholars, religious leaders, including universities, to prevent the spread of the radical ideology in Indonesia.

“The BNPT has established partnerships with several universities, especially with Islamic universities in Indonesia,” he affirmed.

ISIS actions have drawn accusations between countries in the Middle East, and even some Indonesians have accused certain countries.

In fact, ISIS came into existence after acquiring weapons and controlling oil fields to capitalize on their movements.

“Iraq has accused Arab countries of supporting the ISIS. Others accuse that the west is behind ISIS. It is just an assumption without a strong foundation,” Ansyaad pointed out.

Southeast Sulawesi Police Chief Brigadier General Arkian Lubis remarked that the police are working hard to detect the presence of individuals that undermine the comfort and safety of the public.

“It is fair that ISIS targets police officers because they block the organization’s mission,” he remarked.

The Southeast Sulawesi police have continued to cooperate with all elements of the community in order to maintain safety and security.

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  1. Dedublya says:

    Shouldn’t ALL districts of Bali and indeed all those of the rest of Indonesia make such a statement? What is the purpose of regional Governors in this task?

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