Foreigners Arrested over Thefts

Foreigners Arrested over Thefts

KUTA ~ Following an investigation, Kuta Police have arrested a Peruvian couple they accuse of carrying out a string of robberies on diners in restaurants in the Kuta area.

The pair allegedly entered restaurants in the area and stole from tourists cellphones, digital cameras, passports, credit cards and cash, local police chief Benny Pramono told reporters on Wednesday.

Investigating officers had studied CCTV records from a number of restaurants and cafes in Kuta in which the two, both in their 40s and identified as Maria Espirasa and Juan Carlos Chavez, operated, he said.

Another person, a Bolivian, was also part of the gang but managed to flee from police, said Pramono, without disclosing how the Peruvians managed to extract the allegedly stolen items.

Their targets were generally foreign tourists, he added.

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