Former Vice President Criticizes Tourism Development in Bali

Former Vice President Criticizes Tourism Development in Bali


The former Indonesia Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) cynically criticized various systems and the development of tourism in Bali.

In a meeting with Bali local entrepreneurs in Denpasar, on Monday, JK highlighted the failure of tourism in some areas in Indonesia as a result of not having a concept of good development.

Some of them are in Toraja, Toba, and in other area of Eastern Indonesia.

“In Toraja, the cultural attractions are always tinged with magical mythical things, which can only be seen once a year. Why should it be sold, in fact tourism should be entertaining. The same thing in Batak, Toba. It increasingly lost its natural beauty, its beaches are also missing, all are full of villas, hotels and later people will be not interested anymore to visit,” he said.

According to JK, don’t let Bali to experience the same thing. He explained that in the context of Bali, the culture and natural beauty is the main attraction. The uniqueness that must be maintained.

“Do not let things like what happen in some areas in eastern Indonesia repeated. When I visit several locations in the area of East Indonesian, the drink is still mineral water, and wine. My question is where the tradition comes from. That’s not our tradition. Do not let it happen here because the tendency already exists today,” he said.

Bali should really maintain its distinctiveness, uniqueness, which is born of the existing culture and tradition. Do not let the uniqueness lost because the travelers keep coming due to things that are unique and different from their home country.

In JK’s observation, Bali currently is threatened to be out of its pattern. The beautiful nature has begun to erode. Traffic jam is already happening everywhere. The trash is scattered. Hotels began scattered like mushrooms in the rainy season. The airport also starts to experience traffic jam.

“Thus, there needs to be study, the average number of visits to Bali, how many hotel rooms are prepared. Do not just build up hotel in Bali. At some point there must be excess room in Bali and this will cause cheap room rate. Not to mention Bali will be occupied by luxury buildings sooner or later the truth that will sweep away the natural beauty of Bali itself. The foreign tourists do not like to see buildings because it already exists in their home country. As long as there are unique items, tourists will come. So, keep that uniqueness exist,” he said.

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