Garbage in Jembrana Reaches Seven Tons in Every Day

Garbage in Jembrana Reaches Seven Tons in Every Day


The volume of trash in Jembrana reaches seven tons each day and continues to grow in an average of 0.68 percent each year.

“A breakthrough should be done to overcome the waste volume. It is not enough just to provide a landfill, but public awareness must be built to utilize waste,” said the Regent, I Putu Artha, while inaugurating the Waste Bank of Pertiwi Lestari, Penyaringan village, Thursday.

According to I Putu Artha, he will always encourage people to set up waste bank, which if managed seriously, will bring economic value.

By assorting waste bank, between organic and non-organic waste, the government is easier to manage, particularly the organic type.

“The non-organic, such as bottles and glasses of mineral water could be sold. Whilst the organic, could be used to make fertilizer,” he said.

In addition to the village level, he expected, establishment of waste banks also performed in schools, with the ultimate goal of educating children from an early age, to dispose of and sorting of waste in place.

To schools which are interested in establishing this bank, he said, could make savings for their students, which is derived from the sale of such waste.

“The task of the students is collecting garbage which has economic value from their school environment and the proceeds directly put into savings,” he said.

To motivate students, he suggested school to provide particular gifts for students with most savings result from such waste.

Head Office of Environment, Health and Work (LHKP) Jembrana, Wayan Darwin said, the establishment of the waste bank could reduce the volume of waste being dumped into the Final Disposal (TPA).

“If banks trash exists in every village, we optimists, there will be a significant reduction of the waste disposed to landfill. Currently, the establishment of the waste bank is the right solution, because the landfill has begun to overload,” he said.

To the management group of waste bank, he handed over the equipment as trash thrasher, absorbing wells, the composter and garbage cans.

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