Governor Asks Hotels and Restaurants in Kuta to Take Care of Waste

Governor Asks Hotels and Restaurants in Kuta to Take Care of Waste


Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika called for hotels and restaurants in front of Kuta beach to concern about the waste problem Kuta beach. Therefore, the existing waste problem certainly interfere the comfort and cleanliness of Kuta Beach.

“We ask that the manager of the hotels and restaurants in the region to help the sanitation caretaker. Help them and do not just take the advantage of it, but take also the garbage,”said Mangku Pastika on a clean-up activity at Kuta Beach, on Sunday.

The clean up activity involved the Head of the Regional Task Force (SKPD) within the Provincial Government of Bali, Environment Lovers Community, Kuta Customary Village Community and tourists who happened to be passing along the coast, supported by the Rapid Response Unit (URC) DKP Badung District, which is tasked to address the problem of garbage along Kuta Beach.

“This problem is not one of anyone’s fault, but this is due to a natural phenomenon that is routinely occurs mainly in December through February the following year, therefore all parties should participate mainly hotels or restaurants along Kuta Beach,” he said.

While the Head of Department of Sanitation and Gardening Badung I Putu Eka Marthawan said that since the last two weeks, his side has deployed URC DKP of Badung Regency to overcome this phenomenon of Kuta beach’s waste. URC measuring 36 personnel with 11 Units of trash hauler truck, 5 units of loaders and 2 units of beach cleaners / Barber surf rake.

“Those units could work for 12 hours a day and able to collect 5 -10 Tons of trash on Kuta beach. I hope that travelers will not panic over this phenomenon, as it regularly happen every year and DKP of Badung regency ready to clean up Kuta beach so that the comfort and cleanliness of the beach will be maintained,” said Merthawan.

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