Govt Blamed for Students’ Poor Performance

Govt Blamed for Students’ Poor Performance

DENPASAR ~ A regional politician says that lack of government attention is the reason Balinese students are not performing well in school.

Secretary of the Golkar Party’s regional leaders A.A Ngurah Gede Widiada said giving 20 percent of the regional budget to education was not enough and that politicians must recognize the achievements of Bali’s students.

Students he singled out as deserving of praise were I.B Putu Peradnya Dinata, from Denpasar High School 4 and Ida Ayu Dwi Laksmini Pratiwi from Denpasar Junior High School 3.

Widiada said he hoped they, as well as other deserving students, would be awarded with scholarships.

He said if students were neglected, the quality of Bali’s human resources would be affected.

“The government should at least offer them scholarships. We hope commitments to education made by the previous governor will be honored,” he said.

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