Guide Association Want More Authority in Monitoring Guide Violation

Guide Association Want More Authority in Monitoring Guide Violation


Indonesian Guide Association (HPI) of Bali wanted the authority to monitor violations associated with guides or tourist guiding.

“Later, the results of valid surveillance or monitoring along with pictures also will be reported to the government,” said Chairman of HPI Bali Sang Putu Subaya on the sidelines of the regional working meeting (Rakerda) IV in Denpasar on Friday.

According to him, there are more violations related to guides such as the illegal tour guides both local and foreigner.

“We’ve been aware that the duty to monitor the implementation of regulations is on the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) and for the supervision of the guides in particular, within a month at most Satpol PP only monitors eight times,” he said.

He also greatly appreciated the work done by Satpol PP as there were illegal tour guides to put in court and have got sentenced, the problem is it turned out that it is not deterrent for offenders.

“Through the Members Control and Protection Team (TPPA) in HPI, we are already monitoring, but in the field there are still a lot of pros and cons going on,” he said.

Sang Putu said that there are still some people who do not agree with the action taken by TPPA because they overlapped the government authority.

In fact, he added, the process of monitoring is done by politely asked them and took photos.

“If the government gives us the authority to participate in supervising, then the results will be submitted to the government so as to have more detailed picture of the percentage of violations that occurred in the field,” he said.

He added that some issues on guides’ violations are more intense occurred in Bali, including foreign and domestic tour guides from outside Bali that provide guiding services. This condition has been disturbing HPI members as the numbers continue to rise.

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