Infrastructure Problems Cause Congestion in Ubud

Infrastructure Problems Cause Congestion in Ubud


Infrastructure and transportation problems are the major cause of traffic congestion in the art village of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.

According to the leader of Transportation in Ubud area research team Ibnu Syabri the lack of parking, the use of body of road as a parking lot and unclear traffic signs in pedestrian are the reasons of traffic occurs in Ubud.

Ibnu Syabri from Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) said it when describing the results of the study of area transportation system in Ubud, in the Main Courtroom of Gianyar Regent Office and attended by experts and advisors of transportation problems Bambang Kesowo and Syafrudin Tumenggung.

Ibnu Syabri stated, those three things become a major factor as the root of traffic problem that occurs in Ubud.

He proposed as a solution to overcome the problem by providing adequate parking space, ensuring the comfort and safety of visitors who move to any locations of the tourist destinations.

Besides providing bike lanes and pedestrians which are safe as well as convenient as an alternative transportation system while applying intelligent transport information system integrated towards the control of movement and parking volume.

Ibnu explained, other important thing is that build a community-based parking management system providing public transport system based on Shuttle Service which caters visitors heading to main areas.

To achieve this goal, it certainly cannot be done in a short time, need to do a more detailed study and thorough discussion that involves all relevant elements.

According to Ibnu, the development requires three stages, for four years, ranging from the development of pedestrian and parking improvements and signs (first year), and then work together with the private sector towards the infrastructure of bike, and start enforcing rules.

Besides transportation policy regarding motor vehicles and non-motorized (year II and III), as well as the latest development is the operational of shuttle bus, construction of parking area and activating integrated transport information system in Ubud.

Gianyar Regent Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata said, local government and all stakeholders cannot just stand still towards the issue.

He invited all parties to deal with it wisely, through planning that is based on the comprehensive study of the spatial and transport problems that occur in Ubud.

If it is not managed propely, within 5-10 years, transport chaos will become unmanageable, and ultimately detrimental to all parties, said the Regent of Gianyar, Agung Bharata.

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