Kuta Clamps Down on Traveling Salesmen, Vagrants

Kuta Clamps Down on Traveling Salesmen, Vagrants

KUTA ~ The Society Management Organization (LPM) of Kuta has issued a statement saying they have created a program to control the amount of traveling salesmen, vagrants, beggars and sidewalk merchants on Jl. Legian.

Village Security Assistance would be established, Kuta LPM spokesman I Ketut Manuaba said.

However, Manuaba asked citizens to be patient because the program was still being realized.

He said several organizers of shops had previously approached LPM to arrange a program on Jl. Legian that would control traveling salesmen, who often grabbed at their potential clients.

“Potential customers walking on the street who are about to enter our shops are often accosted by these salesman. As a result, potential customers are prevented from entering our shops because they are led away. This is not right. This is unhealthy competition,” one shop organizer said.

Another organizer added that traveling salesmen’s attitudes were also often unsympathetic.

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