Kuta to be Designed Based on Disaster Mitigation

Kuta to be Designed Based on Disaster Mitigation


The Detail Plan of Layout (RDTR) of Kuta District, Bali, is designed based on disaster mitigation and be active on possibility of disaster happening in the area.

“The topography of Kuta District is flat and some of its elevation is lower than the highest sea level that causes Kuta is prone to tidal and tidal wave,” said the Head of Facilities Division of Badung Regency Regional Development Plan Agency, Agus Aryawan, in the Public Consultation on The Plan of RDTR in Kuta District, Badung Regency, on Wednesday.

Besides, based on the data and some researches mentioning that to anticipate the threat of tsunami, the region that has direct border to the sea must adopt the principles of layout plan with disaster mitigation-based.

Therefore, the river stream must be maintained and its function must be optimized including the downstream so the capacity becomes optimal.

The existence of mangrove forest must be maintained as it functions as buffer and very effective to block the possibility of tidal wave.

“The plan concept of RDTR based on disaster mitigation also includes evacuation line and evacuation spots equipped with early alarm device so it provides safety and comfort for tourists and local people,” he said.

According to him, to arrange Kuta District that is get more crowded, certainly the concept is different with an open space so the layout plan similar to urban design is needed as an instrument to control the space use intensity.

Meanwhile, the Chief of South Kuta, I Gede Rai Wijaya, fully supported the public consultation regarding RDTR of Kuta District, moreover it is attended by public figures so it is expected could make up layout plan for the next twenty years and possible events could be solved in the consultation.

“The development in Kuta area needs to be controlled firmly and tightly and in this public consultation the green open space existence in Kuta also should be discussed to be the city park as well as the lungs of the city,” he said.

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