Legislator Asks Companies to Propose Suspension of UMK

Legislator Asks Companies to Propose Suspension of UMK


Member of Commission A DPRD Badung Regency, Bali, I Made Dharma opened the opportunity for companies that want to do the payment deferral on Regional Minimum Wage (UMK) in 2014 which has been set on Monday.

“If the company is experiencing financial constraints or problems internally within the company, then it has the right to suspense any payments in accordance with the UMK by applying request with obvious reason,” he said in Mangupura on Tuesday.

Based on the results of the trial, it said that Badung Wage Council has set UMK for Rp1,728,000 in 2014 or larger than in 2013 which amounted to Rp1,401,000. That number is also greater than the demand of the Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO) requesting for Rp1,665,000.

According to him, having a look at the UMK amount that have increased, so the company that is having internal issues entitled to deferral in accordance with existing procedures.

After filing a suspension, the supervisory board will conduct surveys and monitoring directly into the field to prove the reason proposed by the company. This was done to anticipate the existence of fraud against the public and its employee.

He hoped that the determination of the UMK provide greater prosperity for local communities.

With the increase in UMK, it should be accompanied by improved quality of performance of each worker to increase company revenue in which they are working.

“Do not just demand the rights, but must be accompanied by an increase in the quality of work,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the DPC Federation of Trade Unions (FSP) Badung Bali branch, I Wayan Suyasa said that he considerably accepts the decision of the wage board. He appreciates that Badung UMK in 2014 has been set at Rp1,728,000. “That amount is rational enough to meet the needs in Badung,” he said.

Suyasa who is also member of Commission B DPRD Badung said, its implementation will be closely monitored since until now there are many workers get salary under the respected UMK.

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