Man Attacked with Sickle for Urinating at House

Man Attacked with Sickle for Urinating at House

DENPASAR ~ A Denpasar homeowner attacked a man after catching him urinating in front of his house and turned himself in to police on Monday, police said.

Denpasar Police spokesman Ketut Suwetra said I Nyoman Gede Suprapta alias Komang Oce, 39, confronted Theo Birahi, 34, when he found him urinating outside his house on Jl. Nusa Baru, Denpasar.

Suprapta said when he confronted Birahi and pointed out the family temple close to where he was urinating, he and his friends became angry and threw bottles at him.

He said he then called his brother, who tried to stop the confrontation, but claimed he had no choice but to arm himself with a sickle to scare off the three men who continued to throw missiles and follow him into his house.

Suwetra said Suprapta claimed he was acting in self-defense when he slashed at his attackers with the sickle, cutting Birahi on the arm and back.

Adding to his injuries, Suwetra said Birahi ran into the road and was hit by a passing motorcycle.

Suwetra said Birahi was being treated for his injuries and the case would be investigated when he had been released.

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