NGO Project Collapses One Month After Completion

NGO Project Collapses One Month After Completion

BUNGKULAN ~ Only a month after its completion, local residents have complained about a project to strengthen part of the banks of the Tukad Aya river in Bungkulan, Sawan, Buleleng, damaged by erosion, an official said.

According to locals, the Rp600-million (US$50,000) project, which was undertaken by the NGO Gema Indonesian Archipelago and CV. Ratih construction, was not completed properly and had already partly collapsed.

“The project was to prevent further erosion and disaster, but the proof it was not done properly is that in only a month it is already broken,” one local man said.

Secretary of Gema Indonesian Archipelago Ketut Yasa said the NGO and the local community had come to an agreement, but it had been somewhat forced by the condition of the project.

“The local community wants the river bank reinforcement project to be fixed immediately, saying if it was left in its current condition, local residents could be in danger,” Yasa said.

Section Head of Buleleng Works Department Nyoman Gede Suryawan confirmed the degeneration of the project and said he would be taking care of the repairs.

“We are 100 percent committed to carrying out the improvements to keep up our good reputation,” Suryawan said.

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