Number of Poor People in Bali Increase

Number of Poor People in Bali Increase


Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Bali Province recorded the number of poor people in March 2013 as many as 162,051 thousand people. However, during the period from March to September 2013, the number of poor people recorded increase. In that period occurred the number of poor increased by 24,002 people per September 2013 so that the poor people in Bali reached 186,053 people. If it is converted becomes 4.49 percent of the population classified as poor in Bali.

“The number of poor people in village areas raised nearly twice the number of poor people in urban areas,” said Head of Social Statistics BPS Bali, Indra Susilo, yesterday. Food commodities greatly affect the value of the poverty line in urban areas, which is relatively the same as in rural areas. Meanwhile, non-food commodities which greatly affected the value of the poverty were the cost of housing, religious ceremonies and fuel.

In addition, some factors associated with the increase in the number and percentage of poor people over a period of 6 months, among others, general inflation reached 2.87 percent, the increase in rice price and the retail price of some main commodities, as well as a decrease in the level of income of farmers.

Meanwhile, Denpasar government planned to print the card of Poor Households (RTM). This card will be put in place for lifetime and to be evaluated annually.

Head of Denpasar Community Empowerment and Village Government (BPM PemDes) Made Mertajaya, said starting Monday (6/1) the recording of the data was started. “We take the data by district, at least this can be completed in January,” he said.

He explained, that if the holder is considered no longer fit into the category of RTM, the card will be withdrawn. He said that there are many indicators for the RTM, one of them is the feasibility of residence. However, when compared with the RTM in other urban districts, Denpasar being the least having RTM. Mentioned that in Denpasar RTM spread in all districts. The detail is 476 RTM in District of West Denpasar, South Denpasar 335 RTM, North Denpasar 854 RTM, and 438 RTM in District of East Denpasar.

This card contains complete data of each RTM in four districts that can later be used to obtain health services, rice for poor, direct cash assistance (balsem), JKBM plus Denpasar. This card will also be integrated with the National Health Insurance (JKN). Meanwhile, RTM card contain personal data taken from the Family Card (KK) of respectively RTM and is completed with identity card number taken from NIK KK. By using barcode rider ID card, it can be used by RTM to receive health care and other social services.

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