Police Arrests Shaman Who Claims can Multiplies Money

Police Arrests Shaman Who Claims can Multiplies Money


Police of the Gilimanuk Sea Zone, captured shaman who claimed able to double money, after getting reports of people who became victim.

“The victim handed over Rp20 million, believed the perpetrators who claimed able to double the money. We’ve secured the suspect as well as the evidence,” said police chief of Gilimanuk Sea Regions, Commissioner Nyoman Wirya Sucipta, Friday.

According to him, the perpetrator initials S (70), from the District Rogojampi, Banyuwangi regency, East Java, attracted the victim by performing magic tricks to change Rp10 thousand to 50 thousand.

I Ketut Asok, from Asri, Village of Gilimanuk were amazed by it and immediately handed over Rp20 million, hoping to be doubled ten times the shaman as promised.

He said, to convince the victim, the Rp20 million was placed in the ritual’s tool and the victim was asked to wait a few days.

“The victim began to get suspicious, when three days later, the perpetrator asked certain amount of money again of Rp1.350.000 so that the money can be multiplied more,” he said.

Asok then asked the money promised, but the money previously placed in the ritual ‘s tool was not there anymore.

“Previously the victim told his son in law  to follow the perpetrator. After knowing that the money was gone, he immediately searched the shaman, and found the money in the suspect’s pocket. Feeling cheated, the victim reported it to us,” he said.

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