Police Officer Murdered after Tries to Seize Goods for Collateral

Police Officer Murdered after Tries to Seize Goods for Collateral


Bali Police formed a hunting team to chase police officer murderer happened on last Sunday with the crime scene at Jalan Kerta Dalem Sari IV, South Denpasar. The perpetrator named S Subehan, who is now wanted, stabbed Commissioner Putu Suarsa to death when tried to collect a debt to Subehan. The victim exposed to injury on his right and left back because of a kitchen knife.

“The victim’s wound on right side of his back, as well as skin wounds on his left back. The weapon used was a kitchen knife. Subehan, the perpetrator, is still wanted by Bali Police,” said Denpasar police chief, AKBP Djoko Hariutomo, Denpasar, on Tuesday.

The debt, which was originally 4.4 million rupiah, already paid 2 million rupiah, and then the rest is 2.4 million rupiah. The results of the investigation based from the perpetrator’s wife who just gave birth last Friday, said that the victim tried to seize goods in the perpetrator’s house, such as television and motorcycle for collateral. From there a dispute arose, which resulted in the murder by stabbing the victim.

“It starts when the victim wants to seize items such as a television and motorcycle. So, a fight occurred,” she added.

Until now Subehan, the perpetrator has not been arrested. Bali Police have coordinated with the East Java Regional Police, in particular Banyuwangi and Jember Police, which is the hometown of the perpetrator. Bali Police urged the perpetrator to surrender in order to ease the legal process. Some witnesses have already been questioned.

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