Police to Step Up Patrols of Bali Waters

Police to Step Up Patrols of Bali Waters

DENPASAR ~ Bali Police are to intensify patrols of Bali waters to increase the island’s security, Police chief Paulus Purwoko said.

He said the measure was necessary, particularly following a recent decision by the Supreme Courts rejecting an appeal by Amrozy, sentenced to death for his key role in the Bali bombings of October 2002.

“We’ve prepared the Mobile Brigade to back up the forces in the field. I’ve also commanded the Water Police Directorate to watch 14 points along Bali’s coastline,” he said during an inspection on Tuesday of a Mobile Brigade base in Tohpati, Badung.

Purwoko suggested that his squad coordinate with local residents of each area.

“Police officers must work with with local fishermen. Watch out for intruders or strangers using motorboats,” he said, adding that active involvement from society was essential in creating security in Bali.

Purwoko also confirmed that preparations were underway for the execution of Amrozy.

“Indonesian Police are ready whenever the execution is due to take place. I’ve just reminded Chief Subarkah of the Mobile Brigade to be ready at any time,” he said.

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