Provincial Government is Hoped To Make Analysis on Reclamation Plan

Provincial Government is Hoped To Make Analysis on Reclamation Plan


Bali Provincial Government is expected to make a study related to reclamation plan in Benoa Bay, Badung regency to avoid pros and cons in the society. This was stated by Bali parliament members Megga Kadjeng.

The member of Commission III DPRD Bali said, to respond to the mass media broadcast mentioning that from the review conducted by five universities in Indonesia, among others, Airlangga University, ITB and University of Hasanuddin, the Benoa Bay reclamation is feasible.

If it is in accordance with the results of studies conducted by other universities, Bali provincial government should be more selective and use a more accurate method.

“We have a laboratory study of the tsunami and beach, why don’t we take advantage of these tools. The matter whether the plan will be continued or not, it should be re- examined in depth to match the surrounding environment,” said politician from Buleleng Regency.

“Moreover, global warming could certainly influence the environment in which abrasion occurs, it is necessary to study it and reclamation of coastal areas,” he said.

He said that if there have been studies people will get clear information. It cannot just blame society who refused the plan, because they have lack of information related to the problems.

“What’s happening now is, suddenly the plan immediately becomes discourse, without any socialization and education about what the actual reclamation is. This is what has been obtained by citizens, so it is common that those don’t know reject the plan, because they are concerned on the area that will be threatened due to the reclamation,” he said.

Megga Kadjeng further said that reclamation that has been carried out in the coastal areas are subject to abrasion. Look at Kuta Beach and Sanur. The existence of the beach is due to the development of reclamation.

“If not reclaimed long ago, there may no longer Kuta Beach and Sanur . Therefore, it is necessary before reclamation project conducted, the government should be disseminated it to the public. Thus, people understand what actually reclaiming an area is. If it had a better impact why we resist? But if we reject the harmful one, that’s right,” he said.

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