Slovak woman was murdered by ex-boyfriend: Bali police

Slovak woman was murdered by ex-boyfriend: Bali police

The Indonesian suspect in the alleged murder of a Slovak woman in Sanur, Denpasar is an ex-boyfriend of the victim, police said, who committed the crime because she had ended the relationship.

“The suspect was broken-hearted because the victim broke up with him. He then wanted to get back together, but [she] refused,” Denpasar Police Chief Jansen Avitus Panjaitan told reporters yesterday.

Jansen explained that the suspect, identified as LP, had known the victim, identified by her initials AS, for three years, since the two were working at a resort in Raja Ampat, Papua. They moved to Bali at the beginning of last year, but drifted apart in the time since and finally broke up about a month ago. 

“[They ended the relationship] because the suspect was often drunk,” Jansen said, adding that LP proposed getting back together twice but was rejected both times. 

On Monday, LP visited AS at her house to apologize, but was told to leave. Angry, LP stabbed AS on her neck with a knife that he brought along with him.

The 29-year-old victim was found lying on her kitchen floor, covered in blood with a stab wound on her neck, when a friend came to visit her. The discovery was then promptly reported to the police, and LP was arrested on Wednesday morning.

LP has been charged with premeditated murder under Indonesia’s criminal code (KUHP) and may face life imprisonment or the death penalty if convicted.


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