System to ‘Control Expatriates’ Urged

System to ‘Control Expatriates’ Urged

DENPASAR ~ The Immigration Office asked the Denpasar mayor this week to enact a decree enabling the authorities to have more control over the movement of foreign nationals living in the capital city, officials said this week.

Dubbed the Expatriate Control System, the scheme would enable better coordination between government bodies in monitoring expatriates in Bali, head of the Denpasar Immigration Office Mangatas Napitupulu said following a meeting at the Mayor’s Office.

“We need more focus on control so that we can more clearly detect the intentions of the foreign nationals,” he said.

Deputy Mayor of Denpasar Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya welcomed the suggestion, saying he would follow up with other governing institutions.

“It’s important for Denpasar to have an improved control system, because as one of the main tourism destinations in Bali, we have a lot of foreign nationals here,” he said.

Data from the Mayor’s Office revealed that this year there are 337 registered expatriates living in the city, mostly working in the private sector, or students or staffers at consulates. The data shows that most expatriates in Denpasar are from Japan, followed by Australia.

Separately, the Bali government is seeking a new citizenry management system in a bid to reduce poverty, which has been increasing due to high rates of migration.

Population expert I Gusti Wayan Murjana Yasa said that currently Bali is risking failure in development, since the growth of the population has not been properly managed.

“Bali should have built an inter-regency strategy to control the rate of people migrating to the province. There is a tendency that Bali will remain a destination for urban migration,” he said.

Data from the Bali Planning Board show that currently there are 147,044 impoverished people in Bali.

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