Tanjung Benoa Reclamation Should Consider Balinese Culture

Tanjung Benoa Reclamation Should Consider Balinese Culture


The planned reclamation of Tanjung Benoa in the island resort of Bali should take the local culture into account, according to a member of Democratic Party Advisory Board, Hayono Isman.

“Bali government should not be in a hurry to start the Tanjung Benoa reclamation process before seriously taking the local culture into account,” Hayono said here on Tuesday.

He pointed out that the Balinese indigenous people have their own uniqueness to resolve any problems through the prevailing local tradition and culture.

The Democratic Party presidential candidate convention noted that the people of Bali have very good diversity of cultures and customs that they apply from generation to generation.

Local residents strongly opposed the planned reclamation and development of Tanjung Benoa as an exclusive tourist resort, entertainment and business center.

“In such a situation, the local government should understand the characteristic of Balinese custom and cultural diversity in terms of Tanjung Benoa reclamation plan,” he noted. Hayono said the planned reclamation of 838 hectares to convert 75 percent of water area at Tanjung Benoa into land has parked controversy among the local people and environmentalists.

He added that the protesters blamed Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika for issuing a permit on December 26, 2012 for Artha Graha Network management to reclaim the bay of Tanjung Benoa for the development of a new tourist resort.

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