Village Loan Officer Jailed for Rp76m Theft

Village Loan Officer Jailed for Rp76m Theft

GIANYAR ~ A former village supply officer has been found guilty of stealing Rp76 million (US$7,600) from funds invested by his fellow villagers and sentenced to one year and three months in jail and fined Rp50 million ($5,000).

The trial judge said Ketut Sudiarta, who was authorised to manage the funds invested by Madahan Village, Blahbatu, Gianyar, should receive a severe sentence as he had abused the authority that came with his position.

At the trial, the court heard evidence of other acts of corruption by the defendant which included imposing levies of Rp82 million ($8,200) on businesses in the area for matters including the extension of business permits and for requesting a Rp6-million ($600) annual donation from a business.

He acted in contravention of village regulations and held the funds from the levies in a personal account.

Sudiarti did not have legal representation at the trial. It was not known whether he plans to appeal the verdict.

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