Villagers Call for Urgent Road Repair

Villagers Call for Urgent Road Repair

MENDOYO ~ People in Mendoyo, Jembrana, have voiced concern at the poor quality of access roads to the village, saying very few roads have any remaining asphalt surface.

One of the worst affected is the two-kilometre road connecting Mendoyo to the villages of Pohsanten, Pancasari and Mendoyo Dauh Tukad on which all asphalt has been eroded and the underlying gravel has been dislodged.

The road was built in 2002 and has remained severely damaged without repair for two years, according to Pancasari resident Ketut Sukadana (35), who suspects the road was originally built with inferior processes and materials.

Sukadana said many election candidates gained support by promising to repair and maintain local roads. In the recent legislative election campaign, the successful local candidate had promised to resurface the Mendoyo road but had not yet actioned that promise, he said.

Another seven-kilometre stretch of steep and treacherous road, connecting Gunung Sekar and Mendoyo Dauh Tukad with neighbouring villages, has numerous potholes and is a hazard to users.

Gunung Sekar resident IB Sumantri (45) said the condition of the road was highly dangerous. This was affecting the daily activities of local people because many accidents had occurred. None had been fatal.

“This road is the only available access to Gunung Sekar citizens for agricultural activities and day-to-day transport. We hope the road is fixed soon before lives are sacrificed,” he said.

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