Villagers Protest against Their Chief

Villagers Protest against Their Chief

JEMBRANA ~ Last Thursday residents of Dangin Tukadaya village demonstrated against their village chief for nominating himself as a legislative candidate, an official said.

Residents said if I Made Suweca was elected to the legislature he would not be able to finish his term as village chief.

“When he asked for support in the election for village chief, he promised he would be available to fulfill his duties for a full term,” demonstrator Wayan Suarya said.

The coordinator of the demonstration, Gusti Ngurah Ketut Mulia Hartawan, said the residents felt they were being insulted by the chief’s nomination, and that Sueca was being morally irresponsible towards his duty to the village.

“We will not forbid him to join the legislature, but he should finish his duty as our chief first. He has only been chief for a year and is already planning to leave his post,” Hartawan said.

Suweca said he had nominated himself as a legislative candidate to fight for his village.

“The village would surely be better off if there was someone to fight it in the legislature. There are still many things to fight for,” he said.

Suweca said he had not intended to offend the residents.

“I don’t feel I have done anything bad. I’m very upset by the accusations that I have deliberately insulted my villagers,” he said.

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