Woman ‘Raped and Robbed’ by Security Guard

Woman ‘Raped and Robbed’ by Security Guard

BUALU ~ A security guard from PT Shields Security Solution, accused of raping and robbing a woman from the office building he was posted to, is being hunted by the police, police said said.

According to police, the woman Rrh, 49, who is the general manager of the company Bali Collection in Nusa Dua, came out of a meeting at 1am last Friday to find her car would not start and asked the security guard, Mu, originally from Atambua, to take her home.

Rrh claimed when they arrived at her house in Jimbaran, the security guard asked to use the toilet, which she allowed because she knew him well from work.

However, she said as soon as he was in the house he grabbed her, covering her mouth with his hand and raping her, after which he robbed the house of goods worth up to Rp20 million(US$1,678)

Head of Bualu Police Nanang Prihasmoko said the victim had undergone a full physical examination and they would continue to pursue her assailant, who they believe is still in Bali.

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