Architecture of Bali Houses Bali is Getting Extinct

Architecture of Bali Houses Bali is Getting Extinct


Since long ago, the ‘undagi’ (traditional Balinese architect) very strictly and religiously follow the rules or grip in the building, according to the rules of development in Bali which is known in ‘Lontar Asta Kosala Kosali’ or Asta Petali.

Previously ‘Undagi’ did not venture to out of the concept that has been outlined by his ancestors, so it is known the spatial concept of Tri Loka or Tri Anga, which divides the area of ??dwelling into three, ‘nista’, ‘madya’ and ‘utama’ or Bhur, Bwah and Swah which eventually became the concept of Tri Hita Karana.

The concept eventually initiated the concept cosmological orientation or Nawa Sanga or Sanga Mandala, to the concept of balance cosmology called Manik Ring Cucupu.

The development always in harmony with the natural surroundings by taking environmental factors as a concern.

When ancient people used some rules, so that the building will be made in proportion to its owner, becoming comfortable and pleasant, because they always pay attention to open space called natah. Besides the timing of the provision of building materials, so that the balance and the preservation of nature is maintained.

Maybe someday, all the precious teachings of ancestral architecture will become a history, because it was not being followed, antiquated or obsolete.

All buildings at this point is made in a practical, economical and if possible, the building wants to be solved overnight.

The work on the building no longer based on grip that has ever existed, all are the same No need to find a good day to start the work or to find building materials.

The architecture of the building has not reflecting Bali, especially in the city center. If it must be characterized by Bali, will be seen a few patches of Bali ornament in some corner of the building which are not natural.

If Bali still care and want to preserve the culture and architecture, certainly not too late. It can be saved, especially if there is a strong will and determination of the entire island community itself and also the Local Government as a body that has control authority can perform the work with the consequent.

Balinese architecture and the undagi should also provide a simple shape and design of the house which is characterized by Bali, providing a variety of images, so that people can follow or gain inspiration and ideas when they build their house.

To be honest, most people do not understand what is meant by Balinese architecture, whether regarding the shape of the roof, the shape of the building, ornate or building materials used. The Balinese are no longer interested in using Balinese architecture, then Bali will be a stranger in his own land. Due to the changing times and human development, high-rise buildings will soon reaching Bali. If the building with many floors is a must due to the land saving and addressing high prices of land, then Bali is no different to other major cities and will turn into a metropolitan city. It would be very unfortunate, but that’s the reality. We only can see Balinese architecture in temple that remains in harmony with the development of Hinduism in Bali.

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