Asita Complain about Cleanliness in Batur Tourist Area

Asita Complain about Cleanliness in Batur Tourist Area

Travel Agency Association (Asita) Bali complained about the cleanliness of Batur Lake areaaffecting on reducing number of tour packages to the cold area.

“Of all our members that are 370 in total, before almost nobody was selling Kintamani with its lake and mountain, it’s because tourists would love the scenery there,” said Chairman of Asita Bali Ketut Ardana in Denpasar.

But with the rise of C category mining and peddlers in the area, he said, tourists have complained on discomfort and hygiene.

“In fact, there are a lot of tourist accommodations, but because there are C-mining trucks moving back and forth making noise and distract the comfort of tourists. Likewise with poor environmental cleanliness because here and there are a lot of trash,” he said.

He added that the tourists’ discomfort is aggravated with local guides who help out in climbing. They are often not friendly and actually forcing the travelers to use their services.

“Batur that has received UNESCO recognition as one of the earth garden or the world geopark should be laid out more nicely, instead of less and less attractive so that our members have started to divert package tours out from Batur,” he said.

Ardana expected that Batur tourist area gets a touch of Sapta Pesona, which involves elements of security, discipline, cleanliness, coolness, beauty, hospitality and memories.

A similar matter was expressed by a tourism observer Al Purwa. He said that the arrangement of Batur tourist area should be done and most importantly be able to maintain its natural beauty.

“The beautiful view in Batur is also spoiled with many electricity poles standing irregularly. Please direct and communicate it with PLN. Similarly, local people should be more friendly to tourists,” said the former Chairman of Asita Bali.

Meanwhile, Bangli Regent I Made Gianyar said that actually C excavation trucks operations are already set to only run eight hours in a day and peddlers starting to be managed.

“It’s just the C-mining trucks that still violate the rules. While in relation to power lines, we’ve met the Directorate General of Electricity and structuring efforts will be made,” he said.

It also has gathered the diggers to be trained to make geopark handicrafts along with the Agency for the Analysis and Application of Technology.

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