Badung Wants “Miss World” Adjust to Balinese Culture

Badung Wants “Miss World” Adjust to Balinese Culture

Badung Regent Anak Agung Gde Agung wants the contestants on the selection of “Miss World” in Nusa Dua, 8 September 2013 to adjust to the Balinese culture.

“Clothing worn by the participants from different countries should be able to reflect the culture of Bali, like wearing sarong when they have beachwear contest,” said the Regent in his press conference in Denpasar.

He also hoped that the world pageant event also promotes the culture, natural scenery and hospitality of the island community to be able to pick up as many foreign travelers.

“Therefore, we strongly support the event to be held in our region,” he said after meeting Adjie S Soeratmadjie and Jeby Philippi from the organizers of “Miss World 2013”.

Badung regency has been heavily dependent on the tourism sector. Badung regency is able to achieve local revenue (PAD) this year reached Rp2,8 trillion, as much as Rp1, 8 trillion was obtained from the hotel and restaurant tax. “The tourism sector’s contribution gives so much to our area,” said Gde Agung.

In 2012, economic growth of Badung regency reached 7.15 percent with unemployment only 1.70 percent and poverty 2.33 percent, while the population growth is 4.63 percent dominated by migrants from various regions in Bali and other islands.

He reminded the committee to prepare the event as good as possible, including coordinating with the military/ police as the most important element in maintaining security.

Adji S Soeratmadjie as the organizer of “Miss World 2013” said that the event was attended by 142 beautiful and intelligent women representing their respective countries, including Indonesia as the host.

The participants start arriving to the island from 2-5 September 2013 and accommodated in Nirvana Hotel, in Tanah Lot area, Tabanan regency. The beauty pageant was held at the Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua, Badung regency, on 8 September 2013 so that two days earlier participants should occupy a hotel located in the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC).

However, the participants of “Miss World” stay in Bali until 14 September 2013 and will next visit the Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, and Yogyakarta Palace.

Adjie make sure that during the beachwear session at the beach, participants will be dressed in Balinese sarong. “So the session of ‘beach fashion’ is not synonymous with the bikinis,” he said while adding that the event will be broadcasted live by television stations in 140 countries.


  1. Eddie McCulloch says:

    Yeah, I fully agree with the bali costume for the participants. The balinese

  2. Eddie McCulloch says:

    Yeah, I fully agree with the idea that the contestants should wear the sarong, as long it is done with respect to the Balinese culture. The Balinese women, (whatever age)look admirable in their national dress. Obviously it is worn for the climate and is practicable for the user. I just wish it was more commonnly used.

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