Bali Forms Cadre for AIDS Care in Schools

Bali Forms Cadre for AIDS Care in Schools


Bali Provincial Government is forming a cadre of HIV / AIDS at school level to anticipate and prevent the danger of transmission of the disease that attacks the immune system among the younger generation.

“We intensively take preventive effort to a number of schools and the public related to HIV / AIDS,” said Deputy Governor of Bali I Ketut Sudikerta in Denpasar, on Saturday.

According to him, the preventive effort carried out by holding Student Group care of AIDS and Drugs (KSPA) that targeted students of junior high schools and high schools.

Middle and high school group student assessed as one vulnerable to the spread of the disease.

Moreover, he added, there is issue that there are two women who allegedly with HIV / AIDS sees to transmit the disease.

“We urge people to be vigilant and to the two women kindly not to be desperate. Treat yourself and do not spread it to other people,” he said.

Bali provincial government, he said, have Rp6 billion funds to tackle the spread of HIV / AIDS during 2014.

“The fund was increased dramatically compared to previous years which was only 300 million – 500 million per year,” said Sudikerta who also daily chairman of the National AIDS Commission (NAC) Bali.

Various attempts were made to suppress and overcome the spread of HIV / AIDS in addition to emphasizing preventive measures such as education and socialization for young people and the general public.

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